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NJM Electrician lay all of the underground cabling and electrical materials needed to run your Irrigation Machinery.

Variable Speed Drives are a cost effective solution that regulate pressures and energy use and flow switches. If your bore runs out of water, the flow switch turns off the pump.


Benefits of Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives are a cost effective solution for efficient water and power usage.

Regardless of the size of the blocks, water pressure will be consistently maintained across all areas. For example, if you have various sized blocks with different irrigation requirements, you don’t need to pump overtime or water more than one block at once to compensate.

Variable speed drives monitor your pump motors and allow high pressure and low pressure cut offs, which in turn protect your pump and pipe work.

For those who don’t have Three Phase Power Supply, we offer two alternative options:

  • A Single Phase (240V) to Three Phase Variable Speed Drive up to 1.5KW
  • A Single Phase (480V) to Three Phase Variable Speed Drive up to 37 KW
Our Irrigation and Pumping Services Include:
  • Switchboard/Starter Design & Construction
  • Flow and pressure switch installation and maintenance
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Retrofitting
  • Variable Speed Drive Installation
  • We can custom design and build from the ground up to meet your individual requirements, or we can improve what is already in place and upgrade it to meet your specific needs

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